Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cutest Necklaces Ever!

I saw these necklaces yesterday at Nordstrom's. You can also get LOVE, CHERISH, LUCK, KARMA, and a few others. This would be a great mother's day gift for my mom!! (Right, mom?)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

No Training Wheels!

Today I took the training wheels off Hailey's bike and while my Dad was down we attempted to teach her how to ride solo. Wow....I can't believe it, my daughter is a genius! She picked it up in about 20 minutes. She seriously was amazing. She hasn't mastered how to turn yet and hasn't quite gotten down how to stop. She just slows down and bails on the bike and sends it to the ground. She did great! Here are some of the pictures and one video. I hadn't used this video key on my camera yet so I didn't get her coming down the street until the last minute, but her comment at the end is priceless. In my defense, it was about the 20th time I had watched her ride down the street all by herself. Gotta love four year olds who are going on 24!

Friday, April 25, 2008

So long for the Summer....

My friend Lindy and her husband Matt just left for Chicago this morning for Matt's job. They will be gone through the Summer and I will miss them so....if Matt wasn't so great I would totally kidnap Lindy from him! :) I just wanted to say thanks to Lindy for being such a great friend to me this past year over such a difficult time in my life. She has literally been there for me to listen, to cry, to laugh, and to point out all the positives staring me in the face I always seem to miss. I will miss our dinner/shopping nights, but it's not forever. I love ya to death Lindy! Prepare yourself for me to come out in June/July and totally invade your space!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So are the days of our lives....

Wow, this post has got quite a lot of catching up involved. First of all, I just want to apologize for not updating my blog for a whole month. I have gotten some rather angry and pushy comments/phone calls. It has been quite busy in our house. Life sure seems to sweep you up in whirlwind of distractions and drop you down before you know what has hit you.

First of all, here are our cute Easter pics. Hailey absolutely looked like a princess (doesn't she always?), Bronson was my handsome man (he is growing up way too fast) and Madison was her usual bubbly self. We had a great day at Nana's house and enjoyed spending time with family.

We finally have our house up for sale. After a couple weeks of spending late nights, (and even later nights) I finally got it all staged. I had some fabulous input from some wonderful decorators and it is finally ready. Now here's the hard part: finding someone to buy it. I am really worried about selling it. The market as we all know has not been so hot, and it is not exactly the best time to be selling. Oh well, keep the faith Meridith.

And last but certainly not least: we finally had a broken bone in our family. Not that I was wanting it or excited about it, I just knew that sooner or later it was bound to happen. With all the bumps, bruises, falls, and trips my kids take it is a wonder it hasn't happened before. One morning we were all sitting on my bed playing and Madison got a little too close to the edge and did a back flip onto the floor breaking both her Radius and Ulna right in half! I took her into the instacare where they did x-rays and told us the news. Hailey was ecstatic that she got a cast, and Bronson was in tears because we had to be around so many doctors. Hailey ended up picking a bright blue cast which lasted only about a week and a half before it got wet and started to really smell, and then we ended up with a pretty purple for about the next two weeks. She is healing quickly and has learned how to lug the thing around pretty well. All in all, she will be healed completely in no time and we will be back to normal (if that is possible for our family).

One more thing, I am excited to be going back to school in May to Provo College to get my R.N. It is both scary and exciting to me. Exciting because I have always wanted to get my R.N., and scary because I haven't been to school in about six years. As soon as I sell the townhouse I will be moving closer to Provo College where Hailey will start Kindergarten in the fall, and Bronson (if he is pottytrained--heaven help me) will start preschool. My kids are so grown up!!! I am thrilled to start our new lives with so many exciting opportunities ahead. It will definitely be hard and I am sure there are days I will doubt I am doing the right thing--but I know in the end I am. I am going to sacrifice for a short while to put myself in a position where I can take care of me and my children so that in the long run we can enjoy life together whatever that may entail. Wow...I really haven't posted in quite a while and I am already getting teary eyed! So that is the condensed version of our life lately and what is going on with us. We are all doing well, broken bones and all.....