Monday, April 13, 2009

Generational Pictures

So a few weeks ago I was busily blog surfing when I came across an awesome photograher's site. My favorite thing is to find photographers and look at their pictures on their blogs and websites. Justin Hackwork is a photographer in Provo who does mostly weddings. On that particular day he had posted something about a project he was doing to benefit a local Women and Children in Crisis charity. It's called Thirty Strangers in Thirty Days and you can view it here: During the month of April he is photographing mothers and daughters and generations each day for strangers and donating to the charity above. So, I quicky called him up and offered my 100 yr. old Grandma, Mom, and myself to be part of the project. Anything for a good cause! Not only that, but my Grandma is 100 so we never know how long she will be here and it was a really great excuse to get some good pictures of her before she leaves us. My Grandma has been really weak and losing strength daily so I am not sure how much time we have with her. Well, he posted a few of the pictures on his blog and so I stole them so everyone could see. I think they turned out great!

Justin also took some pictures of my Mom and I:

Happy Easter!

Saturday we ditched the rain and easter egg hunts and opted to take the kids to see Monsters vs. Aliens and enjoy being out of the rain.  After we got home Grandpa Oram brought over cookies to decorate.  The kids had so much fun piling on all the frosting they could onto their cookies and into their mouths.  Grandpa Oram is so great!

Yesterday was such a wonderful day!  The kids woke up and enjoyed their baskets from the Easter Bunny and loved their Easter outfits.  After the excitement and the sugar highs set in we turned on the Testaments to watch as a family.  I was surprised that for the most part the kids sat and watch the entire video with us.  It was a good teaching opportunity to teach them what Easter really is about and what the Atonement is.  We all got ready for church and we headed over with Grandpa Oram in tow.  He was here visiting for a little while and decided to come to church with us and watch Hailey bear her testimony in primary.  

Church was great and Hailey did a wonderful job.  I got a new calling---teaching the 12 year olds in Sunday School.  I might want to mention that there are 14-16 kids in the class!!!!  Yikes!  On one hand I am scared to death, and on the other I am excited f0r the opportunity to teach and make a difference in their young lives.  

After church we headed up to my Mom's house to have dinner with my family.  We had a blast eating, talking, and watching the kids hunt for eggs.  Grandma Great even had fun watching.

I'm so grateful this Easter for my Savior.  I'm grateful for the Atonement.  Not just so we can be forgiven of our sins, but because it made Jesus that much more able to be there for us in our times of trial and tribulation.  He didn't just suffer our sins, but suffered our heartaches, sadness, and pain that result from either sin or tribulation.  I'm grateful for the opportunity to reflect on that this day and renew my spirit to face all of my trials and tribulations  knowing that he is with me and he truly knows my pain.  

Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy, Happy, Birthday Mother Dear....

Today is my Mom's Birthday. She is 63 years young. She would kill me for that, but most of you would be surprised to know she is actually 63 and not 43. My Mom has aged beautifully! I only hope I can inherit her genes! I thought that being her birthday today, I would post a tribute to her. So here goes:

My Mom was born April 1, 1943 in Indiana (I'm not sure what exact city it was) to Donald and Viola Martin. She was born almost an only child since her older brother Kenny is six years older than her.
Doesn't Maddy and Hailey look just like her?

This is my Mom and her Mother Viola:
My Mom and her only brother Kenny:

Her parents moved her to California when she was a teenager and she grew up playing volleyball, water skiing, and helping her Mom and Dad out at the A&W's they owned. She is such a HoTTie!!! Can you believe this picture?

Most of you don't know either that my Mom is a convert to the church. Her brother Kenny met a young lady who was LDS and told him she wouldn't marry him unless it was in the temple. So, he started taking the discussions which peaked my Mom's interest. My Mom and her Mother were baptized when my Mom was only sixteen years old.  

Christmas with her Mom and Dad, can you believe how skinny and beautiful?

My Mom has always been an inspiration to me. She has had many trials and difficulties in her life, and always has remained happy to the very core. Some have shaken her pretty deep, but she always pulls through and ends up smiling. When I turned 12 and joined YW's as a beehive my Mom was called to be the YW's president. She was the YW's president a whopping six years! She was the greatest YW President any of us could ask for and all the girls loved her. She also has worked as an Office Manager at a Construction Co. for over twenty years now, and I worked for her for a few years on and off as an assistant. So for some years my Mom was my YW President, my boss at work, and the boss at home as well! People ask me all the time if I liked that and I tell them honestly that those years were the best time of my life! I loved it!!! My Mom was so fun and happy and did everything she could to teach us girls and give us the best experience possible growing up to draw closer to our Heavenly Father. She taught me more during those years than anyone! I admired her...I really don't know how she did it. A full time job, a full time mother, YW President, etc. She never ceases to amaze me with her energy and excitement for life. SHe is also the most humble person ever and she would never admit she did a good job at anything. She really is such an example to me of a a strong, LDS mother. NEVER does she think of herself, and ALWAYS is she thinking of others and how to serve them and fulfill their needs.

I know I haven't been a perfect child Mom and I have made plenty of mistakes in my life, but I hope I make you proud as daughter. I strive to give my own daughters the same experience you gave me. I strive to teach them everyday how to work hard, serve those around you, have faith, BE HAPPY, and give them the LOVE they deserve such as you did for me and for my sister. I really hope that if I can give them half the love and praise you gave me, they will turn out great!

Happy, Happy Birthday Mother deserve the Best! Love you!