Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Introducing Baby Boy Thompson...

Colin and Emily welcomed a beautiful baby boy Wednesday morning weighing in at 6.9 oz and a full 19 inches long. He is beautiful! He has brown hair and he is absolutely the cutest baby ever. (I am so not biased). Cody and I stopped by the hospital later that night to meet him. He looks just like his brother Blake in my opinion. I forgot how tiny they are...Maddy is almost three years old and so it seems like it has been forever since I have seen one that small! They still have not chosen a name for him but we were throwing around a couple of great ones at the hospital to help them decide:
Cletus (Cody's vote)
Teancum (Colin's vote)
Jacob or Jake (My vote)
We'll see what they come up with...Congrats, we are so happy he is here!

P.S. Cody is such a great uncle. Here is a picture I stole off Mom Oram's blog of Cody holding his nephew Cash. Cash doesn't do this with anyone else but Cody. Even if he is grumpy and not feeling well he always goes right to Uncle Cody and will stay there and just let Cody hold him for a very long time. Cody is going to make a great Daddy one day!

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