Wednesday, October 21, 2009

FHE...making caramel apples!

We had the Knights over for family home evening Monday night and boy did we have fun...and boy did we make a mess! The kids had a blast decorating and sugaring up their caramel apples. Heather and I really got into and made our own gourmet apples. Our caramel apple pie apple was to DIE for and I must say better than the ones they make at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory...yummy!


Carrian said...

Could you email me how you did it? I can't ever get my apple pie one to turn out right. The white chocolate always slips off. Looks like fun!

allison said...

I need to know how you did it too! I can never even get the caramel to stay on. Either it is too thin and slides off or too thick and won't stick. They look so delicious! What's the secret?

Meridith O. said...

The secret is you buy the caramel in the box that is made for making caramel apples. The caramel comes in a plastic container and it comes with sticks. You just microwave the caramel and then dip the apples in it and then stick it on waxed paper and then let it dry. Then I dipped the caramel apples in white chocolate and immediately rolled them in cinnamon & sugar. Then I just melted white chocolate and drizzled it over the top...seriously easy! The other thing you can do is if you want to melt your own caramel then you add heavy cream to it which will make it thicker and will let it harden on the apple so it doesn't all just slide off. There are tons of recipes on the internet for that stuff.