Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cute Hailey....

We had a total blog-worthy event happen today.  I have no pictures unfortunately, my camera was missing for a while so I just added this picture of Hailey from Easter because it is so dang cute.  Hailey never ceases to amaze me with her random, cute comments.  We were having cousins dinner at Cody's sister's house and Hailey and the kids just had to break into Nalani's candy jar for an after-dinner treat.  I was currently in the restroom and Hailey knows she has to ask permission to have a treat.  So, she did what any kid would do and asked the next person in line to answer the question.  She asked Cody for the treat and he told her that she needed to find mom and ask her.  She looked up at him with a kind of confused, but impatient look on her face and replied quite defiantly, "Well, your my Dad now so can't you decide?"  Oh the laughs we got out of that one.  Cody probably would have given her anything at that point.  Hailey never misses the little things, what a girl.  She is growing up so fast, I can't believe my baby is five and starting kindergarten in the fall.  It seems like just yesterday I was holding my newborn in my arms thanking my Father in Heaven for such a wonderful gift.  Hailey has been through a whole lot this past year and has stood by my side the entire time.  She has seen me cry quite a bit and held my hand or patted my back or lovingly told me it will all be okay.  We have a favorite phrase in our house now a days which is "Life's not fair."  We have all learned (even Bronson) that we don't always get what we want in life and sometimes things happen in life that are just plain not fair, but Life in general is not fair.  On the other hand, we have learned that even with trials, and pain, and suffering, we will always have each other and our family there for us.  We will always have those we love most in life there to support us through our good times and bad.  Our little family has gotten so close through the last year, and our love has grown immensely for each other through our trials.  It is so fun now to see Cody come into our family and add to our love and make our family whole again.  We have so much fun just being together as a family.  We love going to park with a pizza and just sitting and talking in the shade on a blanket for hours.  What could be more wonderful than that?  

This next week the kids are leaving to spend time with their Dad and I am already missing them.  It is tough not having them with me, but I know they miss me and love me while they are gone.  I have a lot to do as well.  I think the townhome has finally sold and I am looking to move around the 30th of June.  So, I have a lot of packing and a lot of wedding planning to get done this week.  If I'm lucky though, I might be able to sneak in an afternoon at Seven Peaks!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lot's of catching up to do!!!

It has been a crazy busy last few weeks for me and I haven't had time to do any posts lately. I was looking through the pictures on my camera today and realized just how behind I am. This post is completely random! Anyways.....
Cody turned the big 3-0 this year and it was quite the weekend. I threw a surprise party for him and invited all of our friends over to his sister's house:
I'm sure he wasn't that surprised because I accidently sent the email I mailed to everyone telling them about the surprise and forgot to take his name off the list!  Whoops!

I just want to take a minute and write about my sweetheart.  I feel bad I didn't post this on his actual birthday which is June 1st, but better now than never!....I have been through quite a lot in my 27 years, especially the last year or two.  It hasn't been easy for me by any means and I have wanted to just give up many times, but I never did.  I knew I had something wonderful in store for me.  I knew my Heavenly Father had a plan.  I realized what that plan was when I met Cody Ellis Oram.  I wouldn't say I knew immediately that this was the man I was going to marry, but from the very moment I met him I can honestly say I knew there was something special about him and I couldn't just ignore that.  Since I met Cody my life has completely shifted into a whole new direction which is the happiest I have ever been.  Don't get me wrong...I still have many trials and heartaches (that will never change) but I am happy and I finally feel like I know this is where I am suppose to be.  I can honestly say that I know without one single doubt in my mind that Cody and I were meant to be together and share the rest of our lives here on earth.  We have both been through quite a lot and have had many hard and difficult things to endure, and I'm sure that there will still be difficult times ahead.  That is the plan.  But there is something to be said about going through life's trials with the right one.  Somehow I think it will all be more bearable and the happy and good times will far outnumber the hard and trying ones.  I love Cody for who he is today.  Not who he was yesterday, or tomorrow, or at any time in the future.  I love him for who he is right now at this very moment and I know he feels the same about me.  He adores and cherishes me and my three kids.  He respects me, he laughs with me, and even shops with me!  What more could I ask for?!  He is always kind and respectful to everyone and makes them feel important to him.  He is a hard worker.  I always tell him he seems to know a little bit about everything and it is so true!  He is sociable (which I absolutely love) and always up for a party or dinner with friends.  He loves to be adventurous and try new things.  He loves the gospel and wants to help me in my responsibilities to raise my kids in the gospel.  He loves family and friends.  This is what I think I fell in love with first about Cody.  The way he talks about his family and especially his mother and sisters is so refreshing.  I know I am babbling now and going on but I could go on forever.  There are a million things I could say about Cody right now, but simply put:
                    I am the luckiest girl in the world!  I love you Cody!  Happy Birthday!

For his birthday gift I got us tickets to see the AMA Motor races in Tooele.  We had a blast riding out there and spending the day together.  

Isn't he so cute?!!! Such a stud!

Yamaha is his favorite motorcycle so he just had to get a picture in front of their big truck.
Last week I took the kids to Seven Peaks and had a lot of fun in the warm weather while it lasted, which wasn't very long.  We can't wait to go again.  Rain, rain, go away!

I was so excited to go on a cruise with my good friend Lou to Ensenada and Cabo San Lucas.  Here we are on the plane ride out there.  Cody was picking a bike up in San Diego (shocker) and so he got to fly out there with us.  Lou met him for the first time at the airport and just about smacked me upside the head when she found out I was engaged.  I planned on surprising her at the airport though just so I could get a good reaction out of her!

This is the Formal night on the cruise.

This is the view from the beach we snorkeled at in Cabo San Lucas.

This is at La Bufadora (The Blowhole) in Ensenada.
Last but not least.....This is what Maddy looked like when she woke up a few mornings ago....I had to take a picture, can we say Bad HAIR day!!!