Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Extravaganza!

Wow, Halloween has really turned into a 3-4 day event with parades, parties, trunk-or-treats, and pumpkin carving festivities! We had a blast this Halloween and enjoyed every minute of it. Here are some pictures to remember all the fun!

First we enjoyed pumpkin carving at Nalani and Jed's house with the family.

This is Bronson right before his preschool Halloween party
This is Hailey at the annual Foothill Halloween parade:

This is all the kids ready to go for our ward's trunk or treat.

Maddy and Bronson having a hard time deciding which one!

Grandma and kids enjoying the trunk or treat...we love our Grandma Oram!

This is Maddy's Halloween costume as of late...pajamas, her snow hat, and her Dora backpack. She would wear this all day if I let her!


Carrian said...

The kids look so cute. I love Halloween when your kids actually get what it's about. That is until they continually beg for candy :)

landmark lighting said...

Cute costumes!

Kim said...

I was interested to read your blog, your children are adorable. I especially love the chicken-sword costume. Can't beat that combination.

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