Saturday, March 28, 2009

How Sweet it is...

I know, I know....everyone keeps telling me to update my blog!! I keep using the same excuse that "my computer crashed". Well, that is technically still true. My computer crashed and a really good friend helped me out by fixing it for me and then all my pictures started disappearing into unknown folders randomly. I was just done with my computer, but because we do not have the money to replace it right now I am just trying to get by. My pictures are being worked on right now, so hopefully everything will be up and running again soon. I say hopefully, but who knows. If I have learned anything through this ordeal it is:
A) Always, always, always, back up your hardrive consistently.
B) When the screen on your computer pops up with the "Update is available" window, ALWAYS, always, always update, do NOT click "Do it later".
Hahaha. Good times, right Devin?

Anyways, while I am still waiting for my pictures and Iphoto library to be working again, I couldn't resist blogging this....

After a particularly bad day this week, I opened up Cody's lunch box to clean it out and make his lunch for the next day and found the following:

During his lunch break, Cody had torn off a piece of cardboard from a box and wrote down "Things I love about my wife." I literally burst into tears when I saw this sweet note from him. Not only did it come on a day when I felt like I was failing as a mother/wife/daughter/everything else, but it meant so much to me that he thinks about me during his day and then took the time to write a few things down. I know it wasn't much to him, but to me it meant EVERYTHING! I just needed something to uplift me that day, and that did the trick and then some! The last two months have been filled with several trials that made life seem as if the clouds were never going to break. Cody was laid off from his job, and a few other things came our way that we were never expecting. Cody always stayed strong, and he always kept me going. I was the one who stressed and fretted about every little thing while he just shrugged his shoulders and told me very calmly that everything would be alright. And sure enough, everything did turn out alright. Cody got a great job with a company that is going to really offer a lot of opportunities and training for him. He is working like a madman. They told him that for the next three weeks he would be working seven, ten hour shifts! He gets up every morning around five, and then drives to Park City and works all day until he gets home around six. He hasn't had a day off for two weeks straight and probably won't have a day off for another 7-14 days. What an incredible man! He is doing whatever it takes to provide for our family, and gain the training he needs to improve himself and eventually get into a better position. I am the proudest wife around right now. I have the greatest husband who cares enough and loves me enough to think about me during his tough day and take the time to let me know. What more could I ask for? Oh how sweet it is...