Thursday, November 6, 2008

History has been Made...

I haven't been able to post anything as of late because my computer CRASHED!!  Hopefully, it will be up and running again soon, not sure!  But, I couldn't wait to post a few comments on my thoughts of Tuesday night so that I can remember this day and how I felt.  Although I am a Republican and subsequently support the republican party and it's leaders, I must say I found myself full of pride and excited as the results came in on Tuesday night.  I wasn't really disappointed or discouraged like many who voted for McCain.  Instead, I was grateful to be apart of history and see something happen that many thought they would never witness in their lifetime.  It was thrilling to see all the headlines the next day announcing that History had been made, and I was a part of it.  To think about how far our country has come and what just happened is inexplainable.  I cried that night thinking of Martin Luther King Jr. and how he must feel right now looking down on America.  I thought of our constitution and how wonderful it is to have a document in our country stating freedom, and equality as our premise and seeing now that it really is true.  I am so glad that I was here for this wonderful day in time to see it happen and unfold right in front  of me.  It is an exciting time.  I hope that President Elect Obama can bring about the change he promises and can steer our country into a better, more stable condition.  I also must add that I was very impressed with John McCain and his spirit of gratitude and how well he accepted his loss.  He is a very impressive man and really does love his Country.  

Here's hoping the next four years are as great as we all can hope!